USS Aylwin Veteran's Association


How to become a member

AVA is always looking for new members. For those who would like to become a member,
we are accepting donations in a graduated format to honor those who have donated.
Your contribution will be notated on the "Shipmates" page of our website and you
will receive a membership card in the mail. Below are the thresholds for donations: 

AVA Member: $15 or more
AVA Gold Member: $25 or more
AVA VIP Member: $50 or more
AVA Lifetime Member $75 or more and get a free USS Aylwin ballcap with AVA
Lifetime Member embroidered on back and always receive the Early Fully
Refundable Reunion Fee whenever you sign up.

Reasons why you should join the USS Aylwin Veterans Association
as Lifetime Member for $75
• It’s a great cause. The money from Lifetime Membership allows us to pay for
our reunions. Better giveaways, entertainment, stocking the Hospitality Suite.
• Prestige of being a Lifetime Member. On the list of shipmates on our website
your name is annotated as being a Lifetime Member. Special chest insignia option
on all tshirts as a Lifetime Member. Receive a free USS Aylwin ballcap with AVA
Lifetime Member embroidered on the back of the hat.
• Most importantly, you save money! Your Reunion Fee is always the early Reunion
Fee; typically it is $50. If you decide at the last minute that you and your guest
want to go to the reunion it will cost you $160 ($80 each) instead of $100
(early fee of $50 each). Also, the early Reunion Fee is always fully refundable.
The later Reunion Fees are not refundable. If you joined the reunion at the
regular price of $65 each and found you couldn’t make it, you and your guest would
be out $130. It just makes sense to join the elite crew of Lifetime Members of the
USS Aylwin Veterans Association which helps us to grow and prosper and
improve our reunions every year.

Please make your donations payable to: USS Aylwin Veteran's Association or AVA and mail to: 

Glenn Hunsberger
4024 Roebling Lane
Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

Or pay with your credit card or Paypal: 

Membership Level
Free Aylwin ballcap with AVA Lifetime Member embroidered on back