How to become a member

AVA is always looking for new members. For those who would like to become a member,
we are accepting donations in a graduated format to honor those who have donated.
Your contribution will be notated on the "Shipmates" page of our website and you
will receive a membership card in the mail. Below are the thresholds for donations: 

AVA Member: $15 or more
AVA Gold Member: $25 or more
AVA VIP Member: $50 or more
AVA Lifetime Member $75 or more and get a free AVA Lifetime Membership T-Shirt
and always receive the Early Fully Refundable Reunion Fee whenever you sign up.

The purpose of the donations are to cover mailings, website costs, and to support
upcoming reunions. 

Please make your donations payable to: USS Aylwin Veterans Association or AVA and
mail to: 

Glenn Hunsberger
212 Webb Street
Hertford , NC 27944 

Please remember to include your return address so I can mail your AVA Membership Card. 

Membership Level
Free Shirt with Lifetime Membership